Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Netflix Animation

Lots of subscription animation on demand coming over the internet.

New original kids & family series [on Netflix] include DreamWorks Animation’s Dinotrux (Aug. 14), Cartoon Saloon’s Puffin Rock (Sept. 1); and the revamps of ’80s classics Popples (November) from Saban Brands and Care Bears & Cousins from Moonscoop (December) for young audiences.

Animated fare for older kids will be augmented with Way Too Wonderland (Aug. 14) — the next chapter for the charming characters of Mattel’s Ever After High franchise. ...

Some older favorites will probably get pickups. For instance, staffers tell me there's a high likelihood that more episodes of Riders of Berk will be happening. Netflix has told investors that Riders has done well and helped build their viewer base. That would tend to indicate that more half-hours are soon to be ordered.


Unknown said...

I believe the overall title of the show is DreamWorks Dragons, with the third season titled Race to the Edge.

In either case, it's not surprising that the show is doing well on Netflix being that it was one of the more anticipated shows to come from DreamWorks Animation.

I'm also not surprised that there will be more, since Netflix already had the show nailed down for two more seasons when it was carried over from Cartoon Network.

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