Sunday, July 26, 2015

Foreign Box Office

Wherein the Pixar movie is doing well and the Illumination Entertainment movie with the little yellow guys is crushing it.

Foreign Box Office -- (World Totals)

Minions -- $44,000,000 -- ($759,378,460)

Ant-Man -- $35,400,000 -- ($226,475,529)

Monster Hunt -- $46,000,000 -- ($211,000,000)

Pixels -- $21,400,000 -- ($49,400,000)

Monkey King: Hero Is Back -- $17,000,000 -- ($95,000,000)

Jurassic World -- $7,600,000 -- ($1,541,453,325)

Terminator Genisys -- $10,700,000 -- ($305,065,614)

Ted 2 -- $4,000,000 -- ($153,575,210)

The trades break the story down:

... The biggest studio player overseas is Minions by a wide margin. Universal and Illumination’s dedicated henchmen dutifully scooped up another $44M in overseas green this frame. ... Ant-Man now has an offshore colony of $120.4M. The 2nd session for the little insect with big powers had new openings in Germany and Spain, along with Scandinavia, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, India and Vietnam. ...

Inside Out brought another $28.3M to the total in its 6th frame during what has been a staggered release. The international cume is $229.8M for a $550.14M worldwide brain trust. ... Jurassic World this week became the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time behind Avatar and Titanic when it hit $1.522B to overtake The Avengers. ...

And so on.


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