Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Three More Years

It isn't just The Simpsons that gets multi-season renewals.

... Trey Parker and Matt Stone have just struck a new deal with Comedy Central to have South Park renewed for three more seasons, each with 10 episodes. And the network’s deal with Hulu to stream all the episodes, new and old, has just been extended as well. Find out more about the South Park renewal after the jump!

This new deal will take the show through 2019, into its 23rd season, bringing the total of episodes of 304 when all is said and done. It will also take them into their 20th year of production on the show. ...

Parker and Stone keep things fresh by grabbing a hot national topic and, within days, building a show around it.

And, face it: There's never a shortage of hot national topics. And twenty-three seasons and 304 episodes at the end of the latest renewal is nothing to sneeze at.


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