Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christmas Stop Motion

The Brits are going in for big-budget stop motion holiday ads, vocals provided by British TV host James Corden, currently working stateside for CBS on The Late Late Show.

... Sainsbury's [the British supermarket chain] will launch its three-minute ad, which took seven weeks to animate using hitech 3D-printing techniques never previously used in the UK, on Monday, making it the last of the major retailers to kick off its festive campaign. ...

Directed by Sam Fell, an alumni of Wallace and Gromit maker Aardman Animations who went on to make comedy zombie animation ParaNorman, the film does not feature any Sainsbury’s products directly. ... however, Sainsbury’s has found a way to link this year’s ad to its stores.

Animators created tiny versions of Sainsbury’s prosecco, Christmas cards and homewares to fill the houses of the multi-racial mix of families who are in Dave’s world.

Fell said work on creating and planning the film began in March and was only completed last week. It took 16 weeks to build the sets and create the 26 puppets used in the film. ...

You don't have a catchy ad on the teevee, you don't end up with audience eyeballs to watch it, as these days everybody fast-forwards through the commercials. So you have to up the ante by packing in razzle-dazzle entertainment.

Doing this in good old stop motion gives the piece a certain holiday charm, don't you think?

The Daily Mail features the Christmas ad here.


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