Tuesday, November 29, 2016

TAG General Membership Meeting

The last membership meeting of the year, and the last meeting before new Guild officers take over, happened at 1105 N. Hollywood Way tonight.

The new officers -- incoming Business Representative Jason Macleod, new President Laura Hohman, and soon-to-be board members Steve Kaplan, Candice Stephenson, and David Woo were introduced. President Jack Thomas noted that the outgoing business representative had been in office for twenty-seven years and that he couldn't think of very many things he's done for that long.

The outgoing rep said, "A lot of members and officers have made the Guild work over the years. President emeritus Tom Sito spearheaded a petition drive to get a 401(k) Plan, something that the Guild had failed to achieve in negotiations. President emeritus Kevin Koch championed the new building the Guild occupies. And President Thomas pushed to a dues increase that the Animation Guild badly needed." ...

In his report the biz rep noted:

* The television segment of the Los Angeles animation industry continues to thrive, but Walt Disney Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation's feature division have had crew layoffs over the previous few months.

* The length of storyboard tests continues to be an issue, but the Testing Abuse Committee will be meeting with one o the major studios about problems this week.

* The Animation Guild's 401(k) Plan now has $258 million in assets, with 84% of those assets in Vanguard Target Date Funds.

* The Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan has $8.3 billion in assets, 100,000 active participants, and 21,000 retirees. Assets are spread across bonds, stocks, real estate and alternative investments.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30.


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