Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Early Awards

And the winner is ...

The National Board of Review has named ... Kubo and the Two Strings as the Best Animated Feature. ...

The National Board of Review was set up in 1909 to champion movies at a time when the Mayor of New York, George B. McClellan Jr.* was dumping on them. Young George B. thought moving pictures were a pox on the community, the brand new NBOR thought otherwise.

The Board of Review has been a censor in its time, but has also extolled movies. It's been doing its "Ten Best" lists since 1930. Hopefully this award will aid Jubo in getting a bit more commercial oomph

* Junior was the son of a Civil War General who, for a short time, commanded all the union armies. Sadly, George B. McClellan didn't win many battles, and Lincoln ultimately replaced him. Junior was born in 1865, served in Congress and as Mayor of New York, and died in 1940 at the age of 75.


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