Monday, November 07, 2016

Third Season Revival

Per Deadline:

Three years after Young Justice was cancelled by Cartoon Network, the cult action-animated series is coming back. Warner Bros. Animation just announced that it has begun production on a third season of all-new episodes of the series based on the characters from DC Entertainment.

There is no network for the revival yet. There had been a lot of chatter over the past 10 months about a new season of Young Justice, possibly on Netflix, fueled in large part by comments made by the show’s creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman. The streaming service carries the existing two seasons of Young Justice and is considered a suitable home as it has successfully revived several cult series already, though sources note that the animated show is in the marketplace and no decision has been made on a network partner yet. ...

If the new season does end up with Netflix, Warners could exercise the New Media Side letter in the contract and pay less than minimum scale, since the side letter allows it.

The trouble with that is, right now WBA has no distribution partner so ... who knows? (Kind of difficult to lower a crew's wages in mid-flight after the work has commenced, though it's legally possible).

Regardless of what platform on which Young Justice ends up, Warners is adding several new series, just like several other studios. And the problem now is there are not enough experienced artists* in certain classifications to do all the work waiting to be done.

This is going to be an ongoing challenge for the next few years. And it's a damned nice problem to have.

* Understand that there are many newbies beating at employers' doors, but what many shows want right now are seasoned board artists and timing directors and writers and animation checkers ... but experienced employees are in short supply, since most of them are working.


shakil said...

Just decide what kind of animation you want to then learn. For motivation illuminati

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