Monday, November 14, 2016

Stewart Animation

Jon Stewart, formerly of The Daily Show, is plunging into a new area of show biz.

Entertainment Weekly: Has the fate of Bill Simmons’ show, or the election of Donald Trump, impacted how you much you might be relying on Jon Stewart or John Oliver in the future? Could we be getting more of either?

HBO Programming President Casey Bloys: I’ll take as much John Oliver as I can get. In terms of Jon Stewart, he really is putting together a whole animation studio. My hope is that it’s up and running and putting out content in first quarter of ‘17. Does the election change things? I think it’s more important, now more than ever, that we have voices like that who will parse the information and call out what’s going on.

So if Stewart is setting up a studio, it's likely on the East Coast. Since that is where Jon Stewart lives.

If it were here, TAG would work assiduously to secure a contract. Even being in New York City (or wherever), we can strive to get a contract. Why not?


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