Saturday, November 05, 2016

On the Making of "Sausage Party"

Deadline reports:

Today at Deadline’s the Contenders event at the DGA Theatre, Sausage Party scribe/producer/voice-over star Seth Rogen told Deadline’s editor-in-chief Mike Fleming that he had been developing an R-rated toon for a while. When he felt it was ready, he approached animation director Conrad Venron. ...

“I wanted to do an R-rated cartoon since I watched 1981’s Heavy Metal,” said Vernon, “Seth said, ‘We have a movie where sausages leave their packages and screw the buns,’ and I said, ‘I’m in.'” ...

“We wanted to show how different aisles believe different things and don’t get along with one another, and really show the true personification of everyone coming together,” joked Rogen. “Sometimes, if the bun fits…”

As stated, SP had themes about not hating "the Other" that were similar to Zootopia. Except Sausage Party was a lot more filthy.


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