Thursday, November 24, 2016


To nobody's surprise:

Perennial family favorite A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving once again delivered for ABC, ranking as the top-rated program on Thanksgiving eve among adults 18-49 with a 1.9 Live+same day rating. ...

There are not many forty-three-year-old prime-time half hours that land at the top of the ratings heap decades later (like close to zero?), but ACBT is one of them.

Years ago, there used to be re-runs of It's A Wonderful Life, reprises of The Wizard of Oz, and that was pretty much it. But now, of course, we've got the annual airing of long-ago Shulz/Melendez animated specials. The continuing popularity of ancient television shows is an indicator about why animation is today re-hot in the blobal marketplace.

And, of course, like many well-loved classics, this one has to deal with accusations over the internet:

But like lots of items on the web, this one is ... uhm ... questionable.

The above-displayed image showing various Peanuts characters gathered around a table tends to circulate online during the holiday season, along with the accusation that it shows comic strip creator Charles M. Schulz was himself a racist for sitting Franklin, the show's only black character, by himself on the opposite side of the table from all the other characters.

This is a screenshot taken from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving television special, which first aired on the CBS network on 20 November 1973. ...

Per Nat Gertler in the Snopes article:

... While Schulz definitely kept a hand in the animated work, by 1973 when the Thanksgiving special aired, the Peanuts characters were starring in not only a steady stream of TV specials, but also a series of animated feature films. Schulz certainly wasn't laying out every shot himself - he had a day job to take care of, writing and drawing the most popular comic strip going, as well as creating original books, handling licensing materials, and so on. A talented team of animation folks were doing their job on this.

Besides, if you look, Franklin may not have had a table mate, but he did get more desserts than anyone! ...

The conjecture/accusations are really much ado about not very much.


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