Sunday, November 06, 2016

Medium-Budget Canadian/U.S. Feature

From a heralded trade paper:

Laurent Zeitoun and Yann Zenou, the producers behind ... the upcoming animated feature “Ballerina,” have enlisted Hollywood animation vet Rodolphe Guenoden to direct “The Bravest,” a 40 million euros ($44 miillion) animated feature exploring the world of firefighters in New York. ...

“The Bravest” will bring together a creative team that includes animation director Ted Ty, whose credits include “Mulan,” “The Lion King,” “Rise of the Guardians,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Ballerina”; and Canadian screenwriter Jennica Harper. ...

Director Guenoden has been in the animation industry since the 1980s, first at Amblimation in London, then at DreamWorks Animation, where he storyboarded, animated and directed.

The Bravest is budgeted as a middle-range animated feature, with production work done in Canada. Features in the $35-$40 million bracket can be profitable endeavors, even if they don't get a broad American release.

But it sounds like producers Zeitoun and Zenou have ambitions for The Bravest, since it's set in New York City and features with American settings don't necessarily travel quite as well overseas.

But maybe this production will hit the sweet spot: kick up interest across fifty states and wow them on other continents.


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