Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WAG Feature

Warner Animatin Group, which has a number of animated projects in development, appears to be moving ahead with this one:

Mark Osborne, fresh off directing The Little Prince, has come aboard to tackle Warner Bros.’ animated adaptation of Bone, the Eisner-winning comic series from Jeff Smith.

Adam Kline has been tapped to co-write the script with Osborne, who is developing the project as a directing vehicle. The moves re-energize the adaptation for the studio, which first picked up the rights around 2008.

Dan Lin’s Lin Pictures is producing with Animal Logic’s Zareh Nalbandian with the goal of making a trilogy of animated feature films. ...

Bone has been in the development hopper for a bunch of years. (These things take time -- Disney's Tangled was in the oven for a over a decade). But now it looks like the Jeff Smith project is close to ignition and lift off.

Warner Animation Group ... otherwise known as WAG ... focuses on theatrical features and has several studios in Los Angels. One is on the Warner Bros. Burbank main lot, another is in a trailer at the Warner Ranch (also located in burbank) and a third is in Hollywood.

Only pre-production development will take place in California. Production will happen in Australia.


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