Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Animation Guild Vote on the New Contract

Ballots for the Animation Guild's collective bargaining agreement are being mailed as I type... All active members were mailed ballots as of March 31, but only those who were "in good standing" (that is, paid up through the 2nd quarter of '06) will have their votes counted. Want your vote to count at the final tally? Make sure you're current in your dues. Another wrinkle: if you're a member working at Disney Feature Animation, Disney Toons or Sony Pictures Animation, you're most likely repped by the Guild, but working under an IATSE contract instead of a regular Animation Guild pact (a few people at those studios are repped by the Editors Guild or the Cinematographers); if this is you, you're still eligible to vote and will get a ballot. But the deal is, you'll ALSO be eligible to vote on your specific contract when it comes up for renewal. Everybody clear? By the by. The Guild doesn't do any vote counting. That job is performed by the American Arbitration Association. It does the ballot mailing, counting, and certification for the Guild's contract votes and officer elections. The ballots will arrive in an envelope with the Association's PO Box, and must be returned to them and not to the Guild. Ballots must be received by 9 am on April 24, 2006; they will be counted and certified on that date. And now, we return you to our regular programming.


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