Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17th Disney TVA Walkaround

Disney Television Animation, under the command of the Disney Channel and not Disney Feature (Ed Catmull & John Lasseter) has a considerable amount of projects bubbling in the pot... Work on is ongoing on “The Replacements,” a new series headquartered in the Frank G. Wells Building on the main lot. (Disney TVA has staff split between Frank Wells and a large building on Sonora Street in Glendale.) “My Friends Tigger and Pooh” (56 11-minute episodes) recently launched, is also housed in the Frank G. Wells Building. Word is that many of the artists -- transferees from "Mickey's Club House" -- look back wistfully at the relaxed work environment and review process on "Mick", when Rob LaDouca went over boards and handed out the changes and eveyone got on with it. On "T and P," by contrast, supervisors check the work way more frequently and "redos" are the order of the day. So the "T & P" working conditions, with all the extra hoops artists have to jump through, are not...ah...quite as conducive to a jolly good time. Other series going on? “Ying Yang Yo,” (about which I know almost nothing); also perennial favorite “Kim Possible,” which is finishing up its new order of 26 ½ hours. (A "Kim" long-form may be in the offing.) “Mickey’s Clubhouse's” 1st season is in post-production. “Emperor’s New School,” -- the tv spinoff from "Emperor's New Groove" (with most voice talent returning) is also in post. (I caught a little of it at home over my younger son's shoulder and it looks pretty good.) And “American Dragon” is most of the way through its new order of 33 ½ hours. The show has been redesigned and is now much more “American Anime,” which the crew likes. There's probably other items that I've overlooked, but that's the beauty of a blog. You can go back and amend the post later...


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked what you saw. (I was one of the directors on ENS.)

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