Thursday, April 20, 2006

Walkaround at James Baxter Animation

I popped in to James Baxter Animation today in Pasadena and heard multiple complaints from the folks there . . . One said the donuts were stale. Another complained they didn't have Aeron chairs. The suffering was unimaginable. Seriously, it wasn't a walkaround at all, but a visit with old friends. The place is buzzing with focused activity, and it was fantastic to just stand there and enjoy the sound of flipping paper. Much as I enjoy CG animation, there is nothing like standing there watching someone skilled create animation on paper as you watch. The environment was invigorating. And I learned the secret to why Seward Street went silent. Tragic, but I'll leave that for Jim to tell.


Anonymous said...

I'm really beginning to worry about Seward Street...

Hope he comes back and tells us soon.

Anonymous said...

It's great to leave Ken Duncan's studio on Marengo, walk down a few blocks and see James Baxter walking down Colorado Blvd.

Animation has come to Pasadena.

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