Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Animation and Motion Capture

Jason Reisig, Jeff Light and Nathan Loofbourrow.

Do the two forms work in harmony together? Or are they at loggerheads now and forever? And is mocap really "Satan's rotoscope" by another name? ...

On Tuesday night at the Animation Guild, TAG Vice-President Nathan Loofbourrow, Jason Reisig (Head of Animation and global animation lead -- DWA) and Jeff Light (Character Technical Director Supervisor) led a lively discussion on the subject.

"How does motion capture fit into current DreamWorks Animation production?"

TAG Panel Discussion - Motion Capture

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AlanK said...

Fascinating discussion, thank you for posting the audio. All things in moderation, the right tool for the right job...and all's well.

Jim said...

Listened to it today. Good stuff! Always been fascinated by mocap and think that it, like rotoscope or live action reference, can be a great tool when used correctly (ie Avatar or Planet of the Apes).

I like the idea of being able to see a rough performance from every angle and maybe basing your animation on that. Basically live-action reference in 3D. And interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

"Hi! I'm on the Left... and I'm smiling because I want to stay employed. Motion Capture is awesome."

"Hi I'm in the Middle, and I'll light pretty much anything you hand me...I don't care where it comes from"

"Hi, I'm on the Right, and I'm just happy to have a Job because I have no particular skills beyond just clicking a mouse and compliing some code. I know some CG buzzwords though. "

Motion capture is awesome.
thank you Jeffrey Katzenberg.
Who needs Story and Appeal? We've got Motion Capture and 3D Stereographic images.

Steve Hulett said...


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