Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This isn't earth-shattering news, but still ...

Over the past two decades Warner Bros. Animation has made numerous successful shows based on DC Comics characters, from Batman: The Animated Series to Teen Titans. ...

Now Cartoon Network looks to give DC a permanent place on their network with the DC Nation block of programs. ...

As I say, not exactly news, but I bring it up here because for years Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation continuous non-co-operation irked hell out of me.

I could never figure out why, for more than a decade, Cartoon Network distributed little Warner Bros. Animation product. I get that one is "Turner" (and reports to Atlanta for its marching orders), and one is "Warners" and reports to the Main Lot in Burbank, but come on already. Both cartoon studios are part of the same monster conglomerate, so why the hell not have them work together and strengthen each other?

Whenever I brought this revolutionary idea up to various Time-Warner suits, the response would be:

"Yeah, well. There are different chains of command here, Steve. And the chains don't intersect or overlap. They don't support one another's products."

Until they do.

Now Cartoon Network airs WB Animation's handiwork (and has for awhile.) Now the two animation arms ... I donno ... bolster one another. Which makes sense.

If you're a big, fat monster conglomerate, wouldn't you want your widespread moving parts to be greater than the sum of their whole?

Sadly, the answer too often is:

"Not if you're a corporate climber guarding your turf. Because it's not enough that you succeed, your rivals must fail."


Anonymous said...

There is a history of bad blood between the boys at WB and Cartoon Network and it gets pretty petty and almost personal.

They're working together now out of necessity. CN needs programming, and since kids WB left, WB needs distribution for it's stuff, so it kinda works out.

Also Sam Register has been a great bridge between the two entities.

Anonymous said...

It seems like a lot of projects are finishing up with little in the pipeline to replace them. Several series are ending in addition to the completion of the theatrical shorts. A lot more layoffs.

Anonymous said...

Now the Disney channel needs to start airing Marvel cartoons and shows! I think kids need more superheroes on the tube

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