Monday, February 20, 2012

Live Action to Animation

Here in the modern age, it's a two-way road between cartoons and those entertainment bits with live actors in them. Gore V. has performed the trick with Rango, and now director Shawn Levy is sticking his toe into the animation biz ...

... [Kong] is an animated movie for Fox Animation and it’s a retelling of Kong as a family animated comedy… It’s in script stage; so no it’s not yet at the point where you’re doing those animation tests. It’s moving forward in that Fox Animation really likes it, I really like it, I think that when Fox Animation gets it right, almost always through Blue Sky, they get it really right. I’ve got a couple with them, and that’s the one that I think I’m the most bullish on.” ...

And who can say Mr. Levy isn't right? Since he's got a highly commercial track record and plenty of leverage. If he wants to make cartoons part of his portfolio, then there are plenty of large companies who would be eager to work with him. Because the man has been right far more often than wrong.

(Fox, as per usual, is the only network madly developing a variety of animated projects and seeing what sticks to the broadcast wall. Pity the other networks don't have the wits to do the same.)


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