Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Animation Expansion

While other broadcast networks shrink from the task, one corporate entity has decided it knows where the gold is.
Fox found its first property for its Saturday night animation block.

The network announced Tuesday that it will adapt Axe Cop, a web comic created by a then-5-year-old and his 29-year-old brother.

Fox earlier this year announced that it would launch a 90-minute late-night animation block on Saturdays, tapping former Adult Swim executives Nick Weidenfeld and Hend Baghdady to oversee the effort. ...

Rupert and his minions are (I think) going after some of the Saturday Night Live and Cartoon Network crowds with new animation. Not a stupid thing to do, if the price is right.

And if some of the product is a little more expensive that they'd like, so what? Animated hits have a long shelf life. So, for that matter, do semi-hits. Know any other fifty-year-old situation comedies making as much money in the 21st century as The Flintstone?

Why only Fox has figured this "half hour cartoon on the teevee" thing out, I have no idea. But they've made a lot of money with it.


Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

I suppose.

Of course looking into "Axe Cop", I can't help but think of the same thing me and my brother (only a few years older than me) once cooked up on a tape recorder a quarter century ago. of course then we didn't have the net, and our ideal spoof of the transforming robot craze was very unpolished at best.

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