Monday, April 16, 2012

TAG Negotiations

As usual, the Animation Guild is the last IA local into contract negotiations. (Having been exiled from the bargaining unit in 1982, it's kind of inevitable.)

I've gotten questions about the health and pension deal just negotiated by the IA and will end up, if past is harbinger for the future, part of our deal. Here's some of the bullet points: ...

The Motion Picture Industry Health Plan will charge

* No premiums premiums for members without dependents ...

* $25 a month for one dependent ...

* $50 a month for members with two or more dependents.

The health coverage (aside from the new premiums) will remain the same over the next three years.

The IATSE agreed to a 2% bump in wages in each of the next three years. The 2% has been the "pattern" for wage increases with the IA, SAG, the WGA and everybody else over the past three years.


Anonymous said...

Wait .. TAG was kicked out of the bargaining unit? You've never told us that before! How'd that happen?

Steve Hulett said...

Actually I've mentioned it multiple times.

The story: In '79, the IA gave the Animation Guild (then "The Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists") permission to strike over runaway production.

Strike lasted a couple of weeks. The union won. It got language in the animation contract that guaranteed employment before work was sent out. (This sound familiar?)

TAG went out again (with the IATSE's permission) in 1982.,1661836

This time, TAG lost.

But the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers were ticked off, and kicked TAG out of the West Coast bargaining unit.

And here we are.

Charles Visser said...

So that being said Steve, is it possible to ever re- join the IA collective. Or are we branded as Judah forever?

Anonymous said...

As animation has become more of an economic engine for Hollywood, it has become more obvious how IATSE is ignoring The Animation Guild. It is inexcusable. Frankly, it is an embarrassment for the membership to not have a board with more leverage within IATSE. It is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

30 years of impotence. What a worthless collective we are. So happy and proud to keep payin those dues.

Anonymous said...

Wow .. who let Zembo in? Oh wait, that can't be Chuckie or his minions. They don't like anonymous comments and wouldn't denigrate themselves by using them.


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