Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Russ Edmonds Interview -- Part II

Mr. Edmonds' first assignment at the Mouse House was animating on Oliver and Dodger, the leads in Oliver & Co. Management was so pleased with the work that he found himself working on more four-legged characters ...

TAG Interview with Russ Edmonds

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Through most of the nineties, Russ was one of Disney's quadriped specialists. He supervised the sheepdog Max in The Little Mermaid, the lioness Sarabi in Lion King, the ape Kala in Tarzan, and an abundance of horses in Home on the Range.

Which isn't to say that Russ hasn't done a lot of two-legged characters (Phoebus in Hunchback of Notre Dame) and even no-legged characters (the Genie in the John-and-Ron picture). It's just that Russ likes and owns horses, and his outside hobby has run over into his professional work.

But it's good when all your interests conjoin, yes?


Matt said...

Great interview, second only to the one you did with Andreas Deja. Thanks so much for taking to the time to do these retospective industry interviews, and thanks to the artists for giving you that time. Would you ever be able to chin wag with Mr Goldberg?

Also, at the Anon fellow above, WTF are you taking about? Are you the same venom fuled Anon pratt from before?

Anonymous said...

Although he's retired I'd love to see you do Duncan Marjoribanks.

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