Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fred Moore's Reluctant Dragon

Mega Collector gifts us with some Fred Moore animation poses from Disney's 1941 release. You can judge the work with your own eyes, but Ward Kimball told me long ago ...

... [On Reluctant Dragon] Fred’s work began to look crude.

Now that’s a hell of a thing to say, but I’m talking relatively speaking. I noticed it on Dragon. Fred was given the knight with the little boy, and what had been the acceptable way on The Three Little Pigs and in some cases Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there were parts, even though they were drawn well, that were crude, timing-wise.

Fred would hit a pose and just freeze there and while we were already loosening those things up and putting in the subtle things that would keep [the animation] alive a long time. That’s what I meant, that at that time Fred was drinking heavily, and I was secretly going in with his exposure sheets and adding these other little drawings that would make them work with the rest of the animation that was being done on the picture. ...
Anyway, that's Mr. Kimball's take. Feel free to make your own assessment.

First half of RD:

And the second half:


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