Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interesting Day

Did a 401(k) meeting and walk-through at a signator studio today, like I've done a jillion times before.

I finish the meeting, then go to offices and cubicles to see if there's someone who might have missed the Hulett financial tutorial and wants to fill out paperwork. ...

And a production person comes up to me in a hallway and says:

"X [a company exec] is happy to give you a place for the meeting, but doesn't want you to be wandering through the studio afterward."

I smile and say I hear what she's saying, but I always wander around afterward and I'm not going to stop now. I tell the production person I'm happy to talk to the exec, but there's a clause in the contract that gives me the right to be in the studio. The production person replies that the exec is out for the day, and she's relaying the message.

I tell her I'm not leaving until I finish my walk about. The production person nods and goes away, (no frowning disapproval ... or attitude ... at all.) And I continue going cubicle to office, handing out my handy 401(k) enrollment books and answering the usual questions.

I found the whole thing odd. But then, we live in odd times.


Tom Ruegger said...

Walk on, Mr. Hulett. Walk tall.

hoopcooper said...

Tom's got that right. thanks for the hard work.

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