Friday, June 09, 2006

European Residuals

I should have gotten to this a few days ago... It's VARIETY'S front-page piece from Wednesday about the WGA's collection of foreign levies on behalf of writers they rep and writers they don't. And how the Feds may or may not be interested in the collections or distributions. I offer it up because some good citizens around here will be affected. (Like, animation writers and directors have asked about how much money they'll be receiving, and I refer them to the Writers Guild, since they're the folks with the moolah and the records.) FYI: The Writers Guild top-kick Brian Walton negotiated the foreign levies deal in the late eighties. Once, long ago, I questioned the percentages, and why The Animation Guild wasn't at least apprised or consulted about the negotiations. I was informed I should be grateful for what we got...


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