Tuesday, June 20, 2006

News Flash: Toons Go To India?!

The morning news-gathering machine has this happy press release from the World's Largest Democracy... MYSORE: Information Technology Dean B S V Rao said India would be the destination for animation process within three years with an outsourcing potential of US $ 950 million. He said that the Indian animation industry would be US $ 250 million in 2005 and US $ 950 million by 2009. A response this kind of thing usually gets is a "Ohmygawd! It's all leaving! We're doomed!" response. But you'll note that the above is mostly a puff piece regarding training and Indian potential. (Just a little slanted?) And while there is minimal doubt that India and other nations will pick up some American animation work (including visual effects), there are the ongoing issues of cultural differences and talent pools. Animation is a growing pie and the U.S. of A. consumes and creates a large part of it. Otherwise, we wouldn't be seeing things like this.


Anonymous said...

Thats a stretch too steve...

Yeah Phil Knight buying land constitutes an animation boom. We all know they have to deliver a film first that makes money! So they have what 3 years. I know a lot of
people up there...and this facination with business men
spending millions on a building before a dime is even
made is one of the problems in the animation biz.

Phil is apparently buying up real estate all over the place, its a win win for him if he ever sells or closes the facility.

DreamWorks was far more fun place to work at the old Geffen building, than where they are now. That sprawling campus was a cold environment to work in,
I never liked it.

Look at what happened with Disney and the SkunkWorks complex or the Nickelodeon studio...look at all that money wasted.

give me a warehouse anytime...

Chrlane said...

So is India going to start an animated version of Bollywood? I'd love to see what kind of stuff they'd come up with.:)

Anonymous said...

Well if you look at their history, India has a rep of falling very short from delivery. There are many examples where India can talk a good talk but when it comes time to actually BE a production facility, most Indian studios from what I have seen fall far short from being able to do this. I imagine it has something to do with the culture, but a lot of them having commiting issues. I do not think Korea, Taiwan or China have anything to worry about any time soon, nor do we here in the US for all the reasons the article says. They are NOT us and do not understand what makes us all tick. Neither does anyone else in the world. Speaking English isn't near enough or Japan would have taken over our airwaves years ago. Granted, anime is here to stay but it is not the only thing on. Nor is it the best seller. Can you REALLY see kids watching animated Bollywood? The original stuff is so boring it's hard to watch. Seen one? Seen them all...

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