Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Supremes Nix Disney/Milne Appeal

The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Clare Milne (backed by the Disney Company) to wrest the copyright of the jillion-dollar "Pooh" franchise away from the Slesinger family... What makes this case interesting is that Disney sided with Milne granddaughter Clare against the Slesinger heirs. (Stephen Slesinger was a literary agent who acquired licensing rights from old A.A. himself back in 1930.) Disney hasn't been overly happy with the '83 deal that they struck, and have been bankrolling Clare in her lawsuit in hopes of getting out of the agreement. (You can see the wrangling that has gone on for effing years here. Disney "innocently" shredded some key documents in the case to which the courts, back in '03, didn't take kindly.) Anyway, unless we're missing something, the long, mud-wrestling match between Disney and the Slesingers appears to be at an end. And the Slesingers appear to have the Big Mouse in a full nelson.


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