Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wall Street Journal Analyzes Oncoming "Cars"

"Over the Hedge" is now past the hundred million mark. Whether it becomes road kill next weekend under the screaming wheels of "Cars" is anyone's guess, but the weekend Wall Street Journal (for which there's no link) examined the flick and had this to say... "Since Walt Disney Co. forked out a hefty 7.4 billion to buy Pixar Animation Studios, the big question has been whether the cutting-edge studio...can keep churning out hits. The first big test comes next Friday, with the release of..."Cars"... ...The movie is packed with sweeping, photo-realistic backdrops, including Grand Canyon-style landscapes and rumbling waterfalls. For the lightning-paced race scenes, Pixar animators wrote programs for 70,000 different cars in the audience. Still, it's unclear whether the main characters -- cars -- will grip audiences the same way that digital toys and fish did. Mr. Iger has surprised Wall Stree and the world in his first months on the job with a willingness to challenge the status quo and operate differently than his predecessor, Michael Eisner. But if "Cars" becomes the first Pixar movie to hit a pothole, his honeymoon as Disney CEO could lose its sparkle." So our national business daily is taking a wait-and-see attitude toward the success of Pixar's latest offering. Me, I think the picture will open big and make lots of money. I also think that "Over the Hedge" will stay in the race and continue to generate box office. One week from now, we'll get to see how right I am.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the sensationalist Wall Street Journal! Leave it to these know-it-all pundits to manufacture significance and connect dots that aren't there. Isn't Cars part of the old deal having absolutely nothing to do with Iger's leadership?

Anonymous said...

Talk about trying to "grind" out print drama where there is none.

This is the same TIRED old meme that also gets trotted out with every Dreamworks OR Disney Or other release, and it's beyond dumb. So much for "savvy" soothsayers on Wall Street. Give us a freaking rest, please(not you, them--the "analysts".)

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