Friday, June 16, 2006

Why We Animate

Because we love it? Sure. Because art is our life? Of course. But mainly we animate, write, storyboard and otherwise sweat blood in the art known as animation because of THIS... Ice Age -- $192,470,228 in the 77th day of domestic release... Over the Hedge -- $134,708,468 in the 28th day of domestic release... Cars -- (still languishing at #1) -- $83,323,649 after 7 days of domestic release. The above figures are through Thursday. There's another weekend upon us, and the greenbacks continue to pile up. And the piling is what motivates the conglomerates to allow us to practice our craft...


Steve Hulett said...

Okay, there's some good work in television animation being done as well. But not too much domestic animation.

But the point is the same there, as well. You want to work steadily, work on a hit television show. (Just ask staffers on "The Simpsons.")

Anonymous said...

Good one, Steve. "Still languishing at #1."

I love it!

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