Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today's Roman March (Film, That Is...)

Toddled around the third floor of IDT/Film Roman this a.m.... The "Simpsons" crew up on the third floor works on the television show, and those on the first floor -- still somewhat empty but beginning to fill up -- are laboring on the big-screen version of Homer, Marge, Bart et al. The t.v. crew is happy to remain on the half-hour episodes, as long hours and extra workdays have begun to kick in downstairs. Everybody likes extra money. But nobody likes putting their life up for adoption until the movie comes out. The afternoon was spent reviewing architectural proposals on the newly purchased building. Our new digs will be turning into something spiffy, if the architects' renderings are any indication. When the executive board decides on a final approach, Kevin will probably be posting about it here.


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