Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mojo's Box Office Derby

The summer begins...and THEY'RE OFF!! Here's Box Office Mojo's predictions for the rapidly approaching weekend. Mr. Mojo has the "Cars" ticket prediction about where Uncle Steve's is ($70-85 million). Dr. Koch, of course, has calculated a $100 million haul for John Lasseter's new epic. I'll stand pat. (But I have a suspicion that Kevin might be nearer the mark than I am.) Of course, there are all those live action pictures out there, and who knows how much oxygen they'll suck out of the movie-going bubble?


Kevin Koch said...

Hey, didn't you expand your prediction since we spoke? ;-)

It's interesting the Boxoffice Mojo is actually predicting that Cars will have a slightly smaller opening than either Nemo or Incredibles. Makes me a little nervous about my prediction of a monster opening.

Steve Hulett said...

Sure, I'm probably misremembering my earlier prediction. Isn't that what politicians do?

I have no idea where the Big Mojo gets it's forward-looking numbers.

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