Saturday, June 03, 2006

This Weekend at the Box Office

This is the last weekend before Cars becomes the movie of the summer, and Over the Hedge is still holding up well . . . Per Boxofficemojo, The Break-Up (as expected) is number one, and Hedge has slipped past Da Vinci Code into third place, with X-Men in second. It's interesting to compare those numbers to last week's. Hedge shows a modest drop from last Friday, grossing $5.1 million, for a 30% decrease. Meanwhile, DVC dropped a full 50%, and X-Men sank by a whopping 70%. Of all the movies in the top 10, Hedge is the only one with decent "legs." Clearly it's gotten good word-of-mouth. It makes one wonder how well the film could have done if it had opened, say, a week ahead of DVC, and if the television advertising hadn't been put primarily in the hands of Wal-Mart. UPDATE: The weekend estimates are in, and OTH continuted in third place with $20.6 million, for a 24% drop and a $112.4 million total. X-Men 3 had a 67% drop for $34.3 million ($175.5 million total), with DVC fourth at $19.3 million (43% drop, $172.7 total). The Break-Up gave Jennifer Anniston her first movie "hit" with a $38 million opening. Interesting how in this case a $38 million opening is cause for celebration when for Hedge it was cause (at least on Wallstreet) for despair.


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