Monday, June 05, 2006

PhotoShop ace at the TAG Computer Lab tonight

The TAG computer lab has lined up Christophe Vacher to give a FREE PhotoShop demo tonight, Monday, at 7 pm . . . I know if we started charging for these, attendance would probably be more than we could handle, but hey, we do all this for you. Christophe has this to say about his work and how he uses PhotoShop: "You can say I work for both movies and book covers, and that I use Photoshop from a designer and painter's point of view, using all the photographic tricks the program has to offer as well." Check out his amazing work here. The lab is located at 4729 Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood. Please RSVP to or call (818) 766-7151 and speak to Trell.


Ken Roskos said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for the plug. It should be a great evening. (I should have sent the graphic with the new evening hours on it.) Next time.

Ken Roskos
(TAG Lab Admin)

Ken Roskos said...

Members can find the TAG Lab evening hours here

Animation Re-creation: TAG Lab on Evening Hours

Ken Roskos said...

Thanks again to Christophe Vacher, and all our guests who squeezed in. Great art and invaluable Photoshop techniques.

We'll try to do it again soon.

Ken Roskos
TAG Lab Admin

Kevin Koch said...

How big was the turn-out, Ken?

Ken Roskos said...

We had 16 people squeezed into the Lab. The A.C. was cranked up and everyone stayed cool. At one point I had 23 people RSVP-ing. We have quite a few members hungry for more Photoshop training.

Ken Roskos said...

More cool stuff:

Animation Re-creation: Great Photoshop Demo

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