Saturday, August 05, 2006

At the WB

Things are slowing down at Warner Bros. Animation as various series and direct-to-video features finish work and the building formerly known as May Co. empties out... Scooby Doo Get a Clue” (the Doo franchise that goes on forever) is now wrapping up thirteen new episodes. “The Batman,” (not to be confused with "Batman," yet another Warner Animation series from the booming nineties) completing another thirteen episodes. Its third season, if we're not mistaken. A direct-to-Video Tom and Jerry entitled “The Mousecracker" is now nearing completion. Direct-to Video “Justice League of Super Heroes” is being boarded and scripted. The new season of "Loonatics" is also coming to an end. And the direct-to-video feature "Superman Doomsday" -- concerning the demise of the Man of Steel -- is also in work. (I told one of the artists that Superman/Superboy being done in by kryptonite and other awful things was a continuing theme of many of the DC comics I read as a kid. Had a stack of the mags four feet high, now long gone. Pity that my mother threw them all out when I departed the casa. Mom always has been too efficient for her own good.) As we noted here some months ago, the studio will be moving out of its Sherman Oaks digs, but the moving date has now changed. We're told that the building on the Warner Ranch to which everyone was slated to move this coming December won't be ready for occupancy, so the new move date is somewhere around March, 2007.


Michael said...

The Superman/Doomsday/"Death of Superman" video is one of the shows Bruce Timm is working on (as announced at the San Diego con). The Justice League one is another (it'll be called "New Frontier". The first three videos in the series will be in the animation style of the original comics, not in the traditional DC Animated Universe style.

Here's a better link to the info from Warner Home Video, via

Kevin Koch said...

Cool info, Michael. Thanks for the link.

Lauren said...

Maybe you meant Legion of Superheroes? It is a series for Saturday morning that will be premiering in September.

Anonymous said...

What did you mean by the new season of Loonatics is coming to an end. Are the Loonatics gonna have a third season.

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