Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 'Toon Walkarounds

I continued my blistering pace on Thursday, visiting Nickelodeon's Studio in Burbank and Disney Toons and Disney TVA in the Frank Wells Building... Over at Nick, a number of artists are going "on hiatus" (sometimes referred to as "layoff") as the suits decide when Nick starts production on Butch Hartman's new show "Splatypus." It sort of looks like a number of Nickelodeon employees -- some with long, unbroken tenures -- will be receiving their walking papers until Splatypus revs up in October. At Disney Toons, the first CGI animators have been hired to work on "Tinkerbelle," the next entry in the "Peter Pan" franchise. We're informed that most of the animation will be done on the Indian subcontinent, but that a crew of ten or eleven animators will form a second unit in Burbank. Preproduction on the new CGI "Winnie the Pooh" series (with a GIRL?!) is winding its way to completion. The last production boards on the show's initial order should be wrapped in November.


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