Friday, August 04, 2006

Don leads the revolt

Above: Don Selders leads the revolt at Format, by Ruth Kissane. Left: Don Selders in 1987.
Here's another caricature of the irrepressible Don Selders, this time leading discontented souls at Format Studios (from the early sixties.) Per Wikipedia: Format Films was a television animation studio which was founded by Herbert Klynn. It was most active during the 1960s, producing episodes of The Alvin Show, Popeye, and The Lone Ranger. The studio also created eleven shorts in Warner Bros.' theatrical Road Runner series under the direction of Rudy Larriva. The artist, Ruth Kissane, was an animator and director at almost every 'toon studio that existed during her time (1929-1990). Disney, Playhouse Pictures, Bill Melendez Productions, Film Roman, Chuck Jones Enterprises, she worked at all of them. (You'll find a detailed bio of her in "Who's Who In Animated Cartoons.")


Jenny Lerew said...

I took Ruth's animation class at Calarts in 1988(offered in Jules Engel's "motion graphics" division--Jules btw was never as "anti-cartoon" as he's sometimes been described). She was a lovely, enthusiatic and encouraging artist who had me awe simply from having worked in the business at all as early as she did and as successfully--also for having worked on "A Charlie Brown Christmas"...also for playing the trumpet!

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