Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whoops. Wrong Disney Division With Low Morale

A few days back, we reported about a call we received from a reporter, and his inquiry about low morale at Walt Disney Feature Animation. Turns out the problem wasn't WDFA... For yesterday we received an e-mail which read in part: I am sorry for not having called you back after confirming that the tip I had received about morale being down at WDFA was erroneous. I'm the reporter you spoke with and refer to in your August 1 blog. After speaking with you, and a couple of folks within WDFA, I contacted my source via e-mail and told him there was absolutely NO independent corroboration to be found for his claim and in fact all the folks I spoke with basically contradicted his report. Two days later I received a reply. It seems the information my contact was sharing with me concerned Walt Disney Imagineering, however, since we were in the midst of a conversation about Dean DeBlois returning to WDFA to work on American Dog, while in a crowded, noisy, restaurant I somehow managed to confuse which of the two divisions he was talking about. WDI is about to start a new round of layoffs and even with John Lasseter heading up creative efforts apparently morale is rather low over in Disney's Glendale facilities.... So to be clear, Hulett hasn't been hallucinating the good feelings in and around Feature Animation's hat building. The reporter was, apparently, a division off in his research. This is good news. It's always reassuring to find out that I DON'T need a straitjacket....


Anonymous said...

If you really want to know where the low morale is, try talking to the guys who do all the maintenance on the attractions 3rd shift. We were on a 4-10 schedule (4 days 10 hours) and they switched us to 5-8's (5 day 8 hour) schedule. When practically the entire 3rd shift team complained and even signed a petition, Disney's Maintenance Manager for the park John Macintosh, told the team that they were looking at how much money they would save not what effect on morale it would have. We are still on 5-8's and everyone hates it.

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