Friday, August 25, 2006

A Salute To Our Men in Uniform -- The Fort Monmouth gang

Above: Chuck McKimson, Lew Irwin, Bob Givens, Irv Spector (kneeling), Leon Schlesinger, Capt. Smith, Sid Katz.
Here's a group of animation artists serving Uncle Sam back east (in New Jersey, not Iraq, and during WWII, not our current war.) Chuck McKimson was one of the animation pillars at Warner Bros. Animation for years and years...Lew Irwin, who had a long career in animation as both animator and assistant...Bob Givens, longtime layout tyro at Warner Bros. Animation...animator Irv Spector ...Leon Schlesinger (the owner/operator of Termite Terrace before he sold out to WB. Here he's wearing what looks like a VFW cap, so I'm assuming Leon was a WWI vet)...and animator Sid Katz. These men in uniform were working in the motion picture unit at Fort Monmouth. Another well-known unit was "Fort Roach" in Culver City, California.


David Germain said...

I know Ben "Bugs" Hardaway fought in WWI. I haven't read anything about Leon in it though. I certainly couldn't picture Leon as a foot soldier or anything. That is definitely something to find out.

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