Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Mid-Week Studio Romp

Two studios, two franchises... I continue my March through the storied San Fernando Valley. Here's what's happening at a couple of the studios there... Universal Cartoon Studios is housed up on the 25th floor of Universal-NBC-GE's Black Tower. Today when I drove into the parking garage at the base of all the steel and glass, a studio security guy in blue shorts and shirt got a trifle agitated when I mistook him for a delivery man and failed to stop when he started gesturing at me. (Because of the problem with suspicious liquids on British planes, studios are ramping up security.) Universal Cartoon Studios has a core staff working on a few jams and jellies. The direct-to-video feature "Land Before Time #12" is now in the can, and "Land Before Time #13" is well into work. (Is it just me, or could this title be turning into a franchise?) The studio is also working on 26 half-hours of the new "Land Before Time" television series. (Hmm. I think it IS a franchise...) Other projects at the big U are 20 additional half-hours of "Curious George," and there's some early development work going on with "Babe." Over at IDT Entertainment-Film Roman-Liberty (this is the studio next to the Bob Hope Airport), work continues ramp up on "The Simpsons" feature. Each week, I see more and more artists who normally work on "The Simpsons" series up on the third floor down on the first floor where "The Simpsons" feature is housed. A number of series artists anticipate spending time on the CinemaScope verion of Homer's family before production ends in late Spring of next year.


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