Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Positively laughable ..."

This panel appeared in Daily Variety in November 1929 with the following caption:
POSITIVELY LAUGHABLE are these impressions of Walt Disney and his gang, as sketched by Jack King, one of them.
  1. Ben Sharpsteen, artist.
  2. Ub Iwerks, artist.
  3. Win Smith, artist.
  4. Roy Disney, business manager*.
  5. Wilford Jackson, artist.
  6. Steve Millman, artist.
  7. Carl Stallings, orchestra director.
  8. W. Norman Ferguson, artist.
  9. Jack Cutting, artist.
  10. Walt Disney, master mind.
  11. Charles Couch, artist.
  12. Johnny Cannon, artist.
  13. Burton Gillette, artist.
  14. Merle Gilson, artist.
  15. Bill Cottrell, artist.
  16. Les Clark, artist.
  17. Jack King, artist.
  18. Carlos Manriquez, artist.
  19. Bill Lundy, artist.
* This is, of course, the father of the Roy Disney that we've all come to know. Walt had a small crew in 1929, just one of several in Hollywood making 7-minute cartoons. Little did we know that this little band would grow into an international conglomerate sixty years later.


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