Monday, September 04, 2006

Are We Better Off Now (etc., etc.)?

The above is a map of how median incomes over the past, oh, six years have been doing. Happily, all us animation folk are above the median, aren't we? AREN'T WE?? For those of you in the 'toon biz here in Southern CA., be glad you're not in Texas or North Carolina. (And kudos to those fortunate souls living up in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. For them, things just get better and better in this best of all possible worlds...) (Map courtesy of The Detroit Free Press. JOYOUS LABOR DAY.)


Anonymous said...

I live in Detroit, gotta love our -12!! I can't wait to make my way out to the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Interesting map, but I'm not sure it means all that much absent some indication of what the median incomes were six years ago under Clinton vs. today. Given the state of things under Dubya, I think I know what those numbers would show.

Incomes have trended the lowest in the deep South and in the Mountain time zone (not at all coincidentally, the ares with the most right-to-work-states). So I'm guessing the medians in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota are still well below the national average.

And as for the deep South ...

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