Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Disney Walk Through

It was kind of the usual, walking around Disney Feature Animation's hat building this morning. I went from room to room handing out my yellow flyers for TAG's panel of financial advisors who will dispense wisdom about saving for retirement and a rainy day at our end-of month membership meeting... To demonstrate what an action-packed day the Mouse House was having: The biggest news is the espresso/frappuccino/coffee stand that has become a fixture at the front entrance of the hat building is getting moved from its exterior location to the middle of the second floor (the area next to the stairwell is torn up and draped with a big, white plastic sheet). Some are happy with the new location, others are sad it will be leaving the sunshine and ozone of Burbank's great outdoors. "Meet the Robinsons" continues to zip along, and all the finalers Disney needed to push the feature through to completion are now hired and working energetically on the first floor. As a production person said to me: "We got a little hard-up for room. A few of them are crammed in to some tight spaces." Up on the third floor, story development continues on "Frog Princess," "Joe Jump," "American Dog," and "Rapunzel." On the second, some artists and tech directors attached to these shows lead low-key lives, waiting for production to work on. TSL Negotiations: I keep getting asked about contract negotiations by Disney employees. (The TSL agreement covers many artists and technicians working on CGI features.) Talks were originally scheduled for last Spring, then got moved back to June, then to September. Now it looks like it's going to be October when labor and management sit down to hammer something out. Disney Labor Relations say they'll let TAG and the IATSE know specifics dates "any day." When the magic moment arrives, I'll let people know.


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