Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sparey's Goofy Gallery: The Goof in the movies

A little-known Hollywood fact, according to artist and animator John Sparey, is that Goofy was loaned out to other Hollywood studios, with some interesting results ...
The Goox Bros., by John Sparey

Above: Goofy times three, Marx Bros. style.

Below: Smile when you say that, pardner ... A Goofy take on this movie.

Very Goof, by John Sparey Another in our series of John Sparey's artwork.
Gary, Burt and Groucho notwithstanding, Goofy is © Walt Disney Pictures.


Unknown said...

A wonderful spoof by John Sparey. I would like to license this for a book I am finishing up on the art of the Marx Brothers. If anyone has any contact information for Mr. Sparey, please let me know--you'll get credited in the book if you do :)

Daniel Kinske

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