Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Mid-Week Studio Roundabout

At Universal, the "Land Before Time" franchise has blossomed from sequel #13 to 26 half-hour episodes of a "LBT" series now in full-bore production. It's scheduled to air on the Cartoon Network next Spring, and the crew has hopes a second-order isn't far behind. (The producer said the first two episodes, back from overseas studios, look remarkably good.)... The other news at the Big U is that "Curious George" has been picked up for a second season by PBS. Over at DreamWorks, "Flushed Away," is complete, and a few staffers work on "FA" commercials and interstitials. (In case you missed the press release, Rob Minkoff -- co-director of "The Lion King," director of the Stuart Littles I & II, also "Haunted Mansion" -- will be developing and directing a feature-length adventure of Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman...)


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