Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Still More Disney Reminiscences

Back from the Labor Day weekend, we continue with Disney veterans remembering (again, these come from the 1986 Golden Awards book...)
Right: "Yeah, yeah, I know, another simple scene!" John Roth reacts to George "Nick" Nicholas, Disney, early 1950s.
When you worked at Disney's, you learned early that you never got many compliments for your work. I remember one time a guy from Harvard named Fields came out to write a book about the studio. After he was done doing his research, he got everybody together at the Las Palmas Theatre and raved about how great we were. And afterwards, when we were walking out, one of the guys said: You know, that's only the second person here at Disney's who's told me I was any good." Of course, we all wanted to know who had been the first. He smiled and said: "Me." -- Frank Thomas
Back when we were doing one of the animated Christmas shows for Disney's World of Color in '60 or '61, we had a section on the birth of Christ. Walt wanted to make sure it was in good taste, so he said: "Get someone from across the street at St. Joseph's Hospital, one of the nuns, and she if she likes it." So I went over and got the Mother Superior and went through the show's storyboards with her. After I finished, she said "Oh, this is so wonderful! Where do you people get your ideas?" I wanted to please her, so I rolled my eyes heavenward and said: "When we get stuck, we get some help from the Man upstairs." She laughed and replied: "Oh yes! That Mr. Disney is so clever!" -- Al Bertino


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, once again you have shown that Disney is an evil- evil place. Good for you.

Steve Hulett said...

Dear Anonymous:

Somebody smarter than I am is going to have to explain what you're talking about. Because whatever it is, it sure as hell excapes me.

Kevin Koch said...

Apparently a 20+ year old quote by Frank Thomas was traumatic for this commenter. Curse that Frank Thomas -- alway badmouthing Disney and upsetting people.

Hans Perk said...

Sept. 5th was Frank's birthday.
(Kevin, did you get my mail?)

Kevin Koch said...

Hans, sorry but I just read your email. I'll call you in the morning to see if I can still catch you (by the way, I love your blog).

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