Wednesday, September 06, 2006

John Sparey and the six other dwarves

(click on the image for a larger version.) From left to right: Bill Mahood, Osvaldo Franca, John Sparey, Gary Mooney, Bob Carr, Dick Hoffman and Wes Herschensohn as the dwarves; rear, Lyn Kroeger as Snow White. Artist: John Sparey.
This is another of John's caricatures from the mid fifties (here's another). He was in "A" wing on the first floor then, starting on Sleeping Beauty. These are all people John started with at Disney on Lady and the Tramp in 1954. John was working under animator Eric Cleworth in Woolie Reitherman's unit. Eric went to production topkick Andy Engman's office and pushed to get John promoted to assistant animator. (John still sounded pleased about it when I talked to him on the phone a couple of hours ago.) Go here for an index of our posts of John Sparey art.


Anonymous said...

Drawings like this are a reminder to us all to label our drawings! You are lucky here, but I've combed college archives where I saw plenty of beautiful gag drawings and caricatures with no names attached. When Grim Natwick died he left a trunk of sketches by Milt and Marc Davis and Moore he collected over the years. But none of them were labelled, it's taken years of detective work to figure out who did what.

The MP Academy Margaret Herrick Library has an entire department dedicated to Home Movies. Someone in the '40s or 50s walked through a studio backlot with a Bell&Howell and shot some footage. After they died the family gives it to the academy. They now have three full time librarians who's only job is deciphering who is in the picture and what year it might be. So give a future historian a break and label your stuff now before you forget.

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