Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Types I have known: Eric and Dick

Two more of John Sparey's fellow Disneyites from the 1950s ...

Eric Cleworth (1920*-1999) and Dick Lucas (1920-1997).

Eric Cleworth and Dick Lucas

Cleworth -- Sparey's boss in the mid-fifties -- started at the Mouse House straight out of high school in 1939, and worked his way up to animator after the war. Eventually, Eric told me, he tired of studio politics and battles with higher-ups, and in 1972, much to the surprise of colleagues, resigned from the studio. He cashed in his stock options (of which he had many), moved to Morro Bay, and lived the comfortable life of a millionaire until his death in 1999.

Except for a year or so at H-B in the 1960s, Lucas was also a Disney "lifer", an animator with credits on shorts such as The Truth About Mother Goose, Goliath II and Aquamania, and features from 101 Dalmatians to The Fox and the Hound.

* Cleworth was born on January 3, 1920 in Minneapolis, and not in 1939 as indicated in his IMDb listing. '39 was the year he began his Disney career.


David Germain said...

Who drew that great picture of them?

Steve Hulett said...

Sorry for not making it clear that the caricature is by John Sparey, whose artwork we have been featuring on the TAG Blog.

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