Sunday, September 10, 2006

Disney Toons Delivers Another #1

The trades report that "Brother Bear 2" has topped the DVD charts... In another triumph for its direct-to-video sequels to animated theatrical features, Buena Vista Home Entertainment topped the national DVD sales chart with "Brother Bear 2" for the week ending Sept. 3. It's the second DTV winner for Buena Vista this year; "Bambi 2" came out in February and still ranks among the top 10 DVD sellers of the year. -THR With a track record like that, you'd think Disney might rethink its decision to cut back on small-screen sequels of big-screen originals? Even though John Lasseter doesn't like them much? Seems to us that the commercial aspects might overwhelm the artistic. Disney, after all, has stockholders to which it as to answer. So, ah, there could be a skeensy chance that we could see more sequels down the pike.


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