Friday, September 15, 2006

Sparey's Goofy Gallery: Gufisaki

Gufisaki, by John Sparey Today's entry from John Sparey's Goofy History of Art carries its title in its signature ... ... and all you have to do is turn it 90° counterclockwise: Go here for an index of our posts of John Sparey art.
Far be it from us to deny that Goofy is © Walt Disney Pictures


Unknown said...

I haven't seen John in's he doing?

Steve Hulett said...

John suffered a stroke last December, and is now at the Motion Picture Country Home doing rehab.

He seems to be doing better. He sent us a ton of artwork -- which we are posting here -- and just wrote us a letter with descriptions for a lot of it.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that, but I am glad he's doing better. I'm sure he's thrilled with getting his artwork on the web and having so many more see it and appreciate it.

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