Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Derby in Foreign Lands

A quick overview of animation's recent performance in overseas venues:

Disney's "Up" came in No. 2, grossing $12.8 million from 4,700 runs in 27 territories for a cume of $352.7 million and a boffo worldwide haul of $645.6 million.

Mouse House's "G-Force" stayed high up on the chart as well, grossing $6.1 million from 2,735 playdates in 32 territories for a foreign cume of $148 million and worldwide total of $267 million.

In the U.K., Fox's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" grossed $2.4 million from 486 in its second sesh to place No. 3 behind "This Is It" and "Up," respectively. "Mr. Fox" ended the frame with a cume of $9 million.

Animation is becoming a steadily larger global presence. Sure, a lot of it is Disney-Pixar, but there's a lot of other players too. And big ones.


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