Monday, November 16, 2009

Heinz 57 Wage Minimums

Back in the Good Old Days (1995?), TAG had one contract, and one set of wage minimum scales that were all tucked into our handy dandy contract in a few pages at the back of our little book.

But times have changed ...

We now have different wage minimums for various studios we represent. Some minimums are increasing at 3.5% per year ... some at 3% ... and others at 2%. (Why is this? Different demands, different negotiations for different agreements.)

Here are the various wage minimums at employers we represent. Some (such as the recently ratified TSL/TTL and IM Digital contracts) have been agreed to in writing and ratified, but the actual dollars and cents tables haven't been set in stone; we'll post the new numbers for these contracts as soon as we have them from the IATSE which negotiated them.*

And then there's the standard bargaining-unit contract that TAG negotiates. Although it was ratified in September, we're still awaiting the final word from the employers on the wage minimum calculations we sent them over two months ago. We're confident that the "version 1.0" numbers we've posted are entirely correct, but we want to qualify that although the Powers That Be have long since agreed in writing to the increases that the membership ratified, they haven't put their Official Stamp Of Approval on our calculations.

With more and more people working at these minimum rates (and remember, they are minimums), we think it's important to keep you informed about what you should be making.

(When you have the dollars-and-cents numbers, you have more knowledge to negotiate your individual deal, correct?)

* Lacking the "official numbers", you can always just add two percent to the third-year rates from the previous IM Digital and TSL/TTL agreements.


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